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We have a considerable advantage over others

  • Offer comfortable and safe pick-up and delivery of your pet

  • Cut nails for $5

  • New pets and all breeds welcome

  • Do the brand new feather hair extension for your pet

  • Do NOT use tranquilizers

  • Provide quotes on our services.

  • Do custom look for your dog

  • Work mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays by appointment only

  • Have same day services which are mostly done within 2 hours for both dogs and cats

  • Have the service area from Kendallville to Fort Wayne with a special focus on Auburn, Garret, Waterloo and Leo areas

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Grooming services

Prices vary

Extra add-ons

Every visit you make to Snip-N-Clip Pet Grooming in Auburn for pet grooming will include:

The prices for our services vary depending on factors such as:

Along with the standard grooming service, you can also get the following extra add-on services done:

Special shampoos

Our timings

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Depending on your pet's requirements, we also use special shampoos such as:

To ensure that your pet gets complete attention, we work by appointment during:

With 20 years of experience, our pet groomers have the expertise to gently and lovingly care for your pets without using tranquilizers.


So, don't wait any longer!


Call 260-925-3551 for a quote.

Discover gentle grooming services for your pet

  • Bath with hypo-allergenic tearless shampoo

  • Toe nail cutting

  • Ear cleaning

  • Combing

  • Flea & tick

  • Oatmeal to relieve dry and irritated skin

  • Whitening shampoo for a brighter white coat

  • Mornings

  • Afternoons

  • Evenings

  • Saturdays

  • Breed and size

  • Full grooming

  • Trim

  • Comb

  • Toe nail painting

  • Excessive dematting

Feather Hair Extensions cute dog Feather Hair Extensions